Clinor Group

Since 1984

More than 800 employees

Integral services for clients

Committed to the environment

Business group

in constant growth and expansion

Clinor Group

It is a business group that is comprised of specialized companies in cleaning, gardening, maintenance of installations, porters and home assistance services.

The headquarters is based in A Coruña and also has permanent branch offices in the autonomous communities of Galicia, Castilla-La Mancha, Aragon, Cataluña, Madrid, the Basque Country, La Rioja and Castilla-Leon where we strive to offer quality service to our clients with our professional trained staff who are specialized with the best techniques.

We operate with a certified integrated management system granted to us by Quality and Environment, ISO 9001/2008 y 14001/2004. Our objective is to allow our clients to focus their efforts in their products and personal business activities, by delegating us the responsibility of cleanliness and maintenance of their installations.